PS: What Will You Say When Parents Have Questions (Part IV)

PS: What Will You Say When Parents Have Questions (Part IV)

Sometimes you don’t know what you need until you need it. [Tweet “As proactive as a parent may try to be, there are bound to be some moments when they need HELP suddenly.”]  What is your ministry doing to make sure parents have quality answers to the issues they are facing… when they need it? 

Sometimes questions are tough…  a student that is self-harming or being bullied.  Sometimes questions are just practical – like babies that won’t sleep through the night or 2 year olds that refuse to keep their clothes on (this is straight out of one of our families story)!  What resources are you providing to meet their felt needs when they need it most.  How will you make sure these resources are easily accessible?  Here are a few ideas:

  • Create a resource wall where parents can pick up resources when they need
    them: conversation guides, Phase resources, Resources from GoWeekly, how to download the ParentCue App! Check out these examples from Grace Fellowship CC  .  You can find the Parent Resource Wall Kit from Orange here.

  • Create your own Family Ministry website (here’s an example) with links to blogs on topical subjects for all phases and a one stop shop for every phase of a kid and student’s life.  Make it searchable by topic, by phase and by ministry area.
  • For those that are not part of your church, start an online FaceBook Parent Group.  Every city we go to there are Mommy and Parent Groups online that are searchable by demographic areas.  Why not start a group with just some great helpful ideas to be better parents?
  • Consider when you’re posting on social media channels for each Phase of parenting.  Parents are using time in the carpool line to check their social media, or when their feeding the baby, waiting to pick their student up after practice.  Be intentional to give them cues on how to engage with their kids rather than just giving them a download of information.  And make sure you mention your “why”… why you exist and why your ministry cares.  They need to know you’re for them and want them to “win”!
  • Create felt-need workshops about how to talk to your kids about technology and sexual integrity at every phase.  The Phase Project is a great place to start to learn more about these important conversations.  Pick up the book:  here

Bottomline, don’t miss an opportunity to help parents be the best they can be, so kids can have a better future.  You have the hope of world, the hope of every parent that’s backed-up by a promise, “…unfailing love to 1000 generations for those who love and obey His commands.” (Deuteronomy 7:9).   Every parent wants the promise of unfailing, lavish love for their kids. 

[Tweet “In a world that is challenging and pummels them with constant messages of achievement, competition, 24/7 activity, what will you say? You’ve got the most important message of all, don’t miss the opportunity to partner with parents!”]

I’d love to hear how you partner with parents, leave a post below or on social media!

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