Humanity Is Aching

Humanity Is Aching

Today, two days after “the hearing” my heart is just plain sad.  It seems as though we are swimming in a pool of murky, muddy water.  The truth is, hearing the vivid details of painful memories retold and brought back to the surface, also releases buried pieces to rise to the surface for many of those who are listening to the retelling.  Painful pieces that had long been buried or hidden out of sight or simply forgotten.  Many people are reliving old memories…

I have empathy for every person who is reliving trauma these days, and my heart is broken all over again for losses and pain and the grief of things taken without permission and lives objectified.  But mostly today, my heart hurts for all of humanity.

Decisions we make or actions we take in our youth that seem long gone and forgotten, have a way of effecting our lives in bigger and in more significant ways than we would ever imagine as adults.  Sometimes it’s the decisions or actions of others that leave marks on us or in us.  The truth is we hurt each other, we can be thoughtless in “the moment”, we can say things, do things or ignore things based on what is driving us at that moment.  Each of us have the capacity and ability to hurt others when we don’t put others first.  I’ve done it, you’ve done it, we’ve all done it to some degree or another.  And… we’ve all been on the receiving end of a thoughtless comment or selfish action.

I wonder though… what if we really started putting others first.  What if we put ourselves in the shoes of others.  What if we could see every thought bubble, every question, every history of every person we locked eyes with?  I think it would change the way we talked to each other and the way we treated each other.

  • what if we saw the pain of losing a mother too early
  • what if we saw the pain of rejection and abandonment
  • what if we saw the shame of past decisions that blur the truth of who they really are
  • what if we saw past the anger and really saw the human being who is lonely, frightened and sad

What if… we saw people the way God sees them? Created in His image, to be image bearers to the world.  I wonder if we began to see people for their potential instead of cast as the villain, broken, done-with, mistaken, forgotten.  I wonder how our world would be transformed if we began to call out of people Truth and poured blessings of hope over each other.  I wonder and I dream about every woman, every man, every child and every adult living the way their were created to live… with hope, purpose and full of joy.

Humanity is aching right now~ as if in childbirth. Laboring in pain.  But the beautiful part about labor pains is that it produces an incredible miracle… a life.  A cooing, fresh, squishy, vibrant, passionate bundle of potential!  What if the potential we hold as infants is still true for adults?

Here’s the thing, each of us has that same potential.  Even when we screw-up, or someone else screws up and we get hit by the shrapnel of their poor decisions… there still exists potential.  Potential for so much;

  • potential for healing
  • potential for forgiveness
  • potential for restoration
  • potential for purpose
  • potential for wholeness
  • potential for new life

Our pasts don’t need to identify or dictate who we are today.  But there is a process.  On both sides of this aisle there is a process.  We have to own our mistakes, our bad decisions and we need to seek reconciliation with others, ourselves and with God. We have to do our personal work to tunnel through our grief, hurt, the pain inflicted on us by others actions or words, and then we need to forgive and learn and grow through our histories.  Our past can literally be used to help others if we do the work of healing.

As humanity is aching, can we all reach out to each other, comfort each other and offer a better way of hope?  Let’s acknowledge pain, but not be identified by it.  Instead can we allow pain to allow us to be more empathic, more compassionate and more aware of others?  I wonder…

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