About Me


Cindy is a gifted, visionary leader, a passionate speaker, who lives to see life transformation in people right where they are.

Cindy believes the church has the most potential to transform people and communities, then any other organization in the world.  Her passion is for every kid, student, and adult to live to their best life.  For over a decade and a half, Cindy has lead ministries in simple, strategic ways to be laser focused toward that end-in-mind.  From implementing intentional ministries for kids, students and adults, to creating environments that welcome everybody and draw people back, her mandate is to reach more people, in more places.

For the past 14 years Cindy has served as a pastor to kids and families at local churches in New Mexico,Texas and Colorado.  More recently, Cindy is now serving as the Executive Pastor at Resound Church in Denver, CO, a movement of churches in the US and soon, globally.  Cindy is a gifted speaker, who speaks from her deep love of the scripture and practical, everyday application.  She speaks in a variety of platforms, including local weekend services, conferences, workshops and events.

Cindy and her husband, John live in northern Colorado.  They have a growing family of five grown kids, and six grandchildren that they love to spend as much time as possible with.  Cindy loves a good challenge, coffee and good food shared with friends, hearing people laugh, running,  and knitting whenever she gets some sofa time.

The Mission:  Equip leaders and teams to impact a 1000 generations.

The DNA:

  • Real Relationships
  • Responsive Learning
  • Radical Discovery
  • Redemptive Truth
  • Ridiculous Simplicity

The Basics:

  • Foundations: Getting practical with mission, vision and values to discover the unique gift God has for his people through your church, ministry or leadership.
  • Discipleship: All that we do is an overflow out of our hearts and how that effects our leadership.  This ultimately will determine the health and growth of our organizations.
  • Leadership:  Be who God created you to be. We’ll discover together how to refine and sharpen your leadership for the greatest impact.
  • Coaching:  The best players have a coach that challenge, encourage and inspire them to keep on keeping on.  Everyone needs a coach.
  • Resourcing:  Leaders are learners.  Books, conferences, podcasts, projects and blogs to keep you on the cutting edge to reach more and be more.

The Measures:

  • Horizon Pioneers: We see pastors, leaders and churches leading with the future in mind.
    Engaged Families: We equip ministries to create environments where families thrive and are transformed.
  • Team Alignment: We equip individuals to experience contagious alignment and unity with a team.
  • Multiplication: We see churches grow in size and influence.